What is the list of your daily expenses?

Do you know what are your daily expenses? How to calculate your daily expenses? What is the list of your daily expenses?

Hmmm… the answer of “What are your daily expenses” is I don’t know. But everyone know that how much they are earning.

To keep track of your expenses you can use PC+ web application or daily expenses tracker app and keep a log of your expenses.

In this article I will cover all the List of Daily Expenses, which we don’t add while calculating the cost of living of daily basis.

List of daily expenses


Do you pay rent or not? This may not come in your daily expenses list if you have your own house. But, if you pay rent or EMI than you must include in your list.

Rent is paid monthly and you can calculate your daily rent by just dividing your rent by 30. E.g. INR 15000 / 30.

Electricity Bill

Cost that accruing every second is electricity. All the time your electric item are consuming electricity like light, fan, laptop charging, mobile phone charging, fridge, ac etc.

Electricity bill is generated on the basis of unit consumed. e.g Rs. 6 / Unit.

Multiply unit consumed in month * price per unit, you will get the bill amount.

Formula to calculate the electricity is simple. but usually people forgot that per unit price is based on electricity slab allocate by government and surcharges may be vary if your consumption is high or low like consumption in summer is high and winter is low.

So, better way to calculate your electricity is sum up all last year bills.

and Sum of Last Year Bills / 365 to get daily average consumption of electricity.

For middle class family in India it will cost INR 2000/- to INR 5000/- average.

Water Bill

If you are living in urban area than you must know that Municipal Corporation charges of water. Usually water bill is not so heavy.

You consume water daily and to calculate the water expenses same like electricity bill.

Transportation Charges

Transportation charges depend on type of transport you do use like public transport, taxis and/or driving car.

If you own your own vehicle than your cost will high and if you are using public transport than you have less burden.

Rashan / Grocery

Another monthly expense is on Rashan / Grocery. This depends on number of family members and life style of person.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables is our daily need. But we have keep log of all daily expense. Using expense trackers or pettycashplus we can do that.

Milk, Egg, Bread & Others

We also spent on milk, eggs and breads. You should also count this in order to calculate the cost of living.

Cooking Gas

To cook food, we need cooking gas or induction and usually one cylinder is enough for small family. The cost of cooking gas cylinder is between 500 to 800.


Education is not free. Schools and Universities charge for it. If you have enroll for some courses than too need to pay. Must include school fees in your cost of living.

Maid Services

If you avail some maid services than you have to pay for it. Like hiring a cook, gardener.

Telephone / Mobile

In todays world, everyone has a mobile phone. If you want to mobile phone, you have to pay the bills.


Without internet you cant survive. If you are using broadband or Wi Fi, again you have to pay for that.


Don’t forget to include monthly bill of your cable or DTH services.


Gym fees, Doctor fees or for medicine. you must set some budget for your health.

House Tax

If you own a house than this is yearly cost, must include in your cost of living

Vehicle Maintenance

And, another yearly cost is your vehicle maintenance like insurance, service.

Calculate your cost of living here

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